Why do you need an app?

Having a mobile app can help you to build your brand into a community with your name, logo and colors. The app will remind the app user that they are part of the community and give a reminder to use it to know what’s happening. Having an app helps the users to have focus.

Coherent experience

Usability is the key of the mobile app. The navigation of the app is designed intuititvely and ease of use for the users.

Versatile admin interface

Easy to use admin interface to manage everything of the community app. Managing the content is simple and easy with it.

Your brand

Branding would keep your community close knitted and feel connected. Get your branded iOS, Android apps and web app for your community.

What are the functionality you can have in your community app?

zappz provides you lots of functional modules to make your community app more appealing and engaging for your community. You can enable or disable the functionalities which you want in your app from the admin interface. The avilable functional modules are listed below, zappz adds more relavent modules time to time.

Easy and secured access

The access to the app is secured, the users have to signup and login to access the content. Admin can make the signup verification strict or easy.

  • Users can sigup using email or mobile phone.

  • Verification can be enabled to verify email and mobile phone.

  • One time password will be sent as SMS or email.

  • Password can be reset easily.

User profile and posting

Users can create their profile with photo and other information which they want to share with other users.

  • Add photo to their profile.

  • Setup privacy settings to share their info to other users.

  • Enable availability for chat with other users.

  • Post content with images.

  • Ask questions to the community admin.

  • Post feedbacks, complaints to the community admin.

  • Add comments, like and share.

  • Flag and report contents posted by other users.

Versatile admin interface

Easy to use admin interface helps you to manage the entire community app.

  • Manage users and members of the community.

  • Approve or reject content posted by users.

  • Reply for users questions.

  • Review users feedbacks and compliants.

  • Review and take action on flagged contents by users.

  • Send messages to users.

Content for users

Admin can post different types of content for the users.

  • Videos, audios and photo albums.

  • Magazines, pdf documents.

  • News, updates whats happening in and around the community.

  • Important numbers, important days for the community.


Host community events to bring people together. Community events promote positive change and opportunity to improve the bonding between the people.

  • Create events with details of venue, time of event, duration etc.

  • Define the event is free event or paid event.

  • If paid event, define the cost for the entry, member pricing and general pricing.

  • Online payment for users to buy tickets for events.

  • Checkin of users to the event using app.


Learing keeps the mind engaged and body active. You can conduct courses to your community.

  • Create courses with details of venue, duration, time schdeule etc.

  • Define the course is free or paid.

  • If there is a fee for the course, define member pricing and general pricing.

  • Online payment for users to pay for the courses.

  • Checkin of users to the courses using app.

Polls and surveys

Engage your community with polls and surveys, to understand and get feedbacks from them easily.

  • Create polls and ask your users to vote.

  • View the results in the admin backend.

  • Users can view the results in the app and web app.

  • Create surveys with different type of questions.

  • View users participation in the admin backend.


Create groups in the community to manage the community better.

  • Create groups by any criteria from their profile.

  • Create and deliver content only for selected groups.

  • Send messages, notifications for groups.


If you want to provide any service to your community with appointment, this module can help you.

  • Setup appointment time blocks.

  • Allow users to book the timeslots.

  • Confirm the appointment requests.

  • Send notifications about the appointments.

  • Setup free or fee for the appointments.

  • Online payment for the appointments.


Create a market place for the community users to buy, sell, give items with othere user.

  • Create categrories for the users can post in the market place.

  • Users can post advertisements to buy, sell, give and request to have.

  • Community users can search for any posting.

  • Community users can report about any posting.

  • Community users can communicate about the postings.

Book facilities

If there are facilities like play ground, meeting hall, BBQ pits which the community users can book for their usage, you can use this module for it.

  • Setup facitiles available for users to book.

  • Setup payment for the booking slots of the facilities.

  • Allow users to book the facilities.

  • Send notifications about the facilities booked.

  • Setup terms and conditions for the bookings.

  • Online payment for the bookings.

Online shop

Want to sell products for the community user, create your online store.

  • Manage products for the online shop.

  • Create discount coupons to promote products.

  • Simple checkout process.

  • Deliver or pickup option for the users.

  • Add your own stripe payment gateway for online payment.


A community app wont be complete without online messaging. Conversation is the module to enable online messaging in your community app.

  • 1 on 1 chat.

  • Group chat.

  • Admin managed group chats.

Notifications and payment

  • Send push notifications to community members when new event, news, audio, video posted.

  • Receive push notificaitons for event dates, courses registered.

  • Setup your own stripe payment gateway account and receive payments easily.

  • Community members can store their payment methods and pay with single click.

Your brand

All the social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, instagram can host your community but they all lack the essential marketing tool YOUR BRAND.
Having a customizable app can help you to build your brand into a community with your name, logo and colors.
The app will remind the app user that they are part of the community and give a reminder to use it to know what’s happening.

  • You get your iOS and Android apps with your logo, colors of your community.

  • Your web app (mobile browser enabled) also has your logo, colors of your community.

What do you get?

You would get the following to run your business smoothly online.

  • Mobile apps (iOS and Android) available in apple app store and google play store in 4-7 days.

  • Mobile enabled Web app (users who dont want to download your app, can order using the web app using their computer and mobile phone browser). you would get your webapp immediatly when you signup.

  • Easy to use powerful admin interface to manage your business. you would get your admin interface immediatly when you signup.

  • Everything in your brand.

How much it would cost?

  • The basic package costs you + taxes per month.

  • Annual plan would cost cheaper than monthly plan.

  • Check our pricing page for other plans available.

  • No hidden or additional cost. No long term contract.

  • Pay as long as you use it.

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