What is zappz refer & earn program?

zappz refer & earn program, enables individuals and companies who want to promote, market and sell zappz services. zappz rewards them with recuring income for the sales they make. zappz provides a portal for them to monitor their referrals, sales, and provide tools to promote and market zappz services.


Signup as a reseller in the zappz reseller portal. Get access to the promotional materials.


Use the the banners, links to promote zappz services in your social media, website and email.


You get recurring income for the sales zappz makes through your unique url to promote.

How it works?

  • zappz refer and earn program is a revenue sharing program which shares revenue for client referrals as long as the client is using zappz servcies.

  • Once the client referred starts paying, zappz will start pay a percentage of the charges till the client uses the zappz services.

  • To start with you will be getting 10% of every invoice charged to each client you referred to use zappz services.

Reseller portal

  • Signup in the reseller portal with your email. Get your unique referral url. From the reseller portal get promotion materials like banners and links.

  • Use the banners, links in your social media, website, blogs and email to promote zappz services.

  • Reseller portal has all the tools to manage your referral activities.

  • Dashboard - Your personalised interface showing consolidated view of all your referral activities.

  • Reports - Track and review all your referral sales and earings.


  • When you promote zappz using your unique referral url in your website, blog, socaial media, or email whoever comes to zappz website through your unique referral url, will be considered a referral through you.

  • When your referral signs up, builds app and pays for it. it will be considered a sale referred by you.

  • You would get 10% of every referral sale you make till the client is using and paying for zappz servivces.

  • The more referral sales you make, the more recurring income you earn.

Get your payment

  • You can setup your payment method to receive your payment. Eg. add your bank details or paypal id in the resller portal under your account.

  • Once your account gets the threshold amount for withdrawal, you can request for withdrawal of your payment.

  • The payment will be sent to your preferred payment method in 4-7 working days.

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