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Where will my mobile app be published?

Your app swill be published in zappz developer accounts in App Store and Google Play store.

When will my app be available in the app stores?

Once you finish designing your app, it will take 4-7 days to get the app available in App Store and Google Play store.

Can I publish my app in my developer accounts?

Yes. If you want to publish in your developer account, please open a support ticket. we will get back to you with the details.

How can I update the content of my app?

Using zappz cloud based content management system you can update the content of your apps. The content management system is very simple and easy to use, like how you post in Facebook or send email.

Why is there an annual / monthly fee?

Our mobile app development platform is a Software As A Service. You wont pay for the development cost, but pay a subscription fee for using the service. The annual / monthly fee is for hosting, technical support and maintenance of the your app and backend.

If I exceed the storage space allowed for my subscription?

When you exceed your subscription limit of cloud storage , you can purchase more storage.

I dont have answer for my questions yet!

If you dont see answers for your questions here, please Contact Support they are happy to help you, get your questions answered.